Dr. Hetal Patel, M.Pharm., Ph.D.
Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology
Year started @ KBIPER: 2008
Contact info
Location: KBIPER college campus
Email: for_hetal@yahoo.com
Ph.D., Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, Gujarat
M.Pharm., M. S. University, Gujarat
B.Pharm., North Gujarat University, Gujarat
Dr. Hetal Patel joined KBIPER in February 2008 as a Lecturer in Department of Pharmaceutics. She has eight years of academics and research experience in the field pharmaceutical sciences. Previously she has worked with Claris Lifesciences, Ahmedabad as an F & D officer.
At KBIPER, Dr. Patel involved in teaching of various key subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department. She also motivates and guides the students for their research. She is also carrying responsibility of some industrial reseach projects held by the department. Moreover, she is actively involved in various institutional activities and mentoring the students.
Research area of interest
Development of topical and transdermal formulations, NDDS, QbD
Awards and Recognition
  1. Received KSV research project grant in 2012
Patents filed: 02
  • Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association
  • Gujarat State Pharmacy Councile
Selected publications/presentations: (Total 20)
  1. Chaudhary S, Patel H, Parejiya P, Shelat P. Chronomodulated drug delivery system of urapidil for the treatment of hypertension. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation. 2015;5(2):107.
  2. Patel HK, Barot BS, Parejiya PB, Shelat PK, Shukla A. Topical delivery of clobetasol propionate loaded microemulsion based gel for effective treatment of vitiligo: ex vivo permeation and skin irritation studies. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces. 2013;102:86-94.
  3. Patel HK Patel BB, PB Parejiya, PK Shelat, AK Shukla. Comparative study of microemulsion based gel: Hydrogel and organogel comparative study of microemulsion based gel: Hydrogel and organogel. Advance Research in Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals. 2013;3(I):5.
  4. Shivani N, Hetal P, Rajesh K, Murthy RR. Colon delivery of 5–Fluoro uracil using cross-linked chitosan microspheres coated with eudragit S 100. International Journal of Drug Delivery. 2011;3(2):260-8.
  5. Chaudhari KR, Shah N, Patel H, Murthy R. Preparation of porous PLGA microspheres with thermoreversible gel to modulate drug release profile of water-soluble drug: Bleomycin sulphate. Journal of microencapsulation. 2010;27(4):303-13.
  6. Patel HK, Nagle A, Murthy R. Characterization of calcium alginate beads of 5-fluorouracil for colon delivery. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2008;2(4):241.