Dr. Maitreyi Zaveri, M. Pharm, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmcognosy
Year started @ KBIPER: 2007
Contact info
Location: KBIPER college campus
Email: khandharmaitreyi@gmail.com
Ph.D., Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
M.Pharm., Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
B.Pharm., Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Dr. Maitreyi Zaveri has been working with KBIPER as a Head & Assistant Professor in Department of Pharmacognosy since October 2007. All together she has over 15 years of academic experience, along with 5 years of industry and 10 years of research experience. During her academic journey, she has guided 40 postgraduate students and 4 Ph.D students. Currently, she has 4 Ph.D students enrolled under her. She has around 70 national and international publications, 90 poster presentations at various national and international conferences and has also won 5 awards for paper presentations. She is actively involved with the research and development activities wherein she has been working as an investigator in 14 grants from various funding agencies like AICTE, GUJCOST and DST.
Research area of interest
Standardization and quality control of herbal drugs and products, Preparation of databases for identification and authentication of materials with well defined botanical and phytochemical characteristics, Identification of adulterants and substitutes, Development of new formulations and analytical methods for phytochemicals, Development of in vitro testing models for screening of natural products in different therapeutic areas alongwith the development of bioavailability protocols for herbal medicinal products with the help of biomarkers.
Awards and Recognition
  1. First Prize awarded by the Gujarat Council for Science and Technology, (GUJCOST) Mehsana, India, State level Paper Presentation Competition, 2008.
  2. Third Prize awarded by the Gujarat Council for Science and Technology, (GUJCOST) Anand, India, State level Paper Presentation Competition, 2004.
  • APTI
Selected publications/presentations
  1. Zaveri MN, Pithadiya B. HPTLC method development and validation of baicalein in hydrolysed n-butanol extract of root bark of Oroxylum indicum. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical practice. 2012;2(1):14-18.
  2. Zaveri MN, Solanki A. Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Abrus precatorius leaf-A review. International J Pharma Sci Rev Research. 2012;13(2):71-76.
  3. Zaveri MN, Patel A. Prelimnary screening of some selected plants for anti-tyrosinase activity. International Journal of Institutional Pharmacy and Life Science. 2012;2(1):213-219.
  4. Zaveri MN, Desai N, Movaliya V. Effect of Ocimum basilicum on cisplatin models of acute renal failure. Advanced research in Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals. 2011;1(2):91-100.
  5. Zaveri MN, Patel V. Gastroprotective effects of polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation: An Avipattikar churna. American Journal of PharmTech Research. 2011;1(4):10-22.
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