Research is one of the strongest features of KBIPER. KBIPER faculty members and research scholars conduct research in diverse fields, and seek to expand human knowledge through innovation and insight. Most of the faculty members of KBIPER are actively engaged in research. Almost all faculty members either have doctoral degree or are pursuing their doctoral study. The researchers at KBIPER also include full-time research scholars and post-graduate students. Research at KBIPER is supported by funds received from government funding agencies such as DST, AICTE and GUJCOST. KBIPER has received research funds from these funding bodies for 15 projects, of which eight have been completed and seven are on-going. Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, the university to which KBIPER is affiliated, also provides financial support for research. Currently, seven projects funded by the university are on-going. The institute receives several industry-sponsored research projects, every year. This is a proof of the credibility and standards of research at KBIPER. The industrial clients of KBIPER include Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Claris Life Sciences, Himalaya Drug Company, Kopran Research Laboratory, Synchron Research Laboratory and Troikaa Laboratories to name a few. The institute has filed 4 patent applications, of which one has been granted and three are under examination. More than 300 research papers have been published by KBIPER in various national and international journals. The institute has Research Advisory Committee (RAC) to monitor and guide the research activities of the institute. The range of research activities at KBIPER is broad and deep. KBIPER is equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities to cater various facets of pharmaceutical research such as formulation and development of novel drug delivery systems, pre-clinical efficacy and safety evaluation of drugs, in-vitro efficacy studies using mammalian cell-lines, analysis of formulations by sophisticated instruments and isolation of bioactive compounds from natural sources.