Department of Pharmacognosy
Pharmacognosy deals with the scientific study of crude drugs derived from plants, animals, microbes and minerals. The Department of Pharmacognosy focuses on the ancient perspective of our traditional knowledge by integrating it with the modern science. The thrust areas of work are traditional medicines, phyto-chemistry of natural products, isolation of bio active phyto-constituents, development of novel herbal formulations, standardization of herbal raw materials and formulations by sophisticated analytical techniques, development of in vitro testing models for the screening of natural products, etc. The Department promotes research and development activities in collaboration with Government funding agencies like AICTE, GUJCOST, DST, etc. and also with companies like Vasu Healthcare, etc. It conducts national seminars & workshops along with the Government funding agencies like AYUSH.
Some of the important instruments/equipment of the department are:
Sr. No. Instrument / Equipment name Company
1 Research centrifuge Remi
2 Spectrophotometer Systronics
3 Muffle furnace Durga Scientific
4 TC-4 100 F with Rotors Evators
5 U.V. Inspection cabinet Chemilne
6 Projection Microscope Zeiss
Sr. No. Name Designation More details
1 Dr. Maitreyi N. Zaveri Assistant Professor & Head More Details …
2 Dr. Niranjan S. Kanaki Assistant professor More Details …
3 Dr. Vinit R. Movaliya Lecturer More Details …
4 Dr. Khushboo Vaghela Lecturer More Details …
5 Dr. Bhavita Dhru Lab. Superintendent More Details …