Dr. Priti P. Purohit, M.Pharm, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Year started @ KBIPER: 2002
Contact info
Location: KBIPER college campus
Email: priti309@yahoo.com
Ph.D., Hemchandracharya North Gujarat Univarsity, Patan, Gujarat
M.Pharm., M. S. University, Baroda, Gujarat
B.Pharm., Saurashtra university, Rajkot,Gujarat
Dr. Priti P. Purohit joined KBIPER in November 2002 as a lecturer in the department of pharmaceutical chemistry. She has worked as an academician in few other pharmacy colleges for about 2 years before joining the institute.
At KBIPER, currently, she is serving as Professor and Head of department of pharmaceutical chemistry. She is involved in teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level and involved in various administrative committees at college and university level. She is actively involved in research in the area of development of analytical and bioanalytical methods for alopathic drugs and herbal molecules. She has various grants from govt. funding agencies like GUJCOST and AICTE, travel grant and career award for young teachers to her credit. She is also serving as Ph.D guide for GTU and KSV and has guided five students for their Ph.D work.
Research area of interest
Analytical method development and validation of synthetic drug molecules as well as herbals, Bioanalytical method development, Pharmacokinetic study of herbals
Awards and Recognition
  1. Career Award for Young teachers : A research project by AICTE for 3 years with a grant of 10,50000/.
  2. Minor research project: From GUJCOST for 1 year with Rs. 50000/- grant.
  • Life time member- Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA)
Selected publications/presentations (Total: 17)
  1. Patel R, Patel J, Trivedi P. Novel Thin-Layer Chromatographic–Densitometric Method for the Quantification of Betulinic Acid in Nagod (Vitex negundo L.) and Its Herbal Formulations. JPC. 2014;27 (2):102-106.
  2. Patel P, Mehta P, Trivedi P. Simultaneous determination of Flunarizine Dihydrochloride, Domperidone and Paracetamol by RP-HPLC in pharmaceutical dosage form. JCPR. 2014;6(11):390-394.
  3. Maheshwari D, Trivedi P. Simultaneous Estimation of Esomeprazole and Domperidone in Combined Dosage form by HPLC. IJASE. 2011;9(3):187-194.
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